Here was a silly MEME I found on Sandi’s website. I love her blog. She’s funny, real, and honest. Always a joy to read, even when she’s posting about hard topics.

5 Things in my Freezer:  Lean Cuisine, Powdered Donuts, Lots of Bread, Pedialyte Pops, Chopped Green Peppers

5 Things in my Closet: shoes, backpacks, clothes, family games, baby albums5 Things in my Car: car seats, box for Goodwill, toys, a map, the accessory box to my sewing machine…don’t ask…

5 Things in my Purse: twallet, keys, cell phone, receipts and trash. Oh My. I just realized. I don’t need to carry “all that” in a big diaper bag anymore. I don’t have any in diapers anymore!!!!!  WOW!  It’s been 7 yrs since I’ve not had to buy diapers (during the break between #1 and #2!)

5 Things in my Wallet: driver’s license, receipts, library cards, change, Borders teacher discount card

5 People I Tag: Everyone on my Links List. And anyone else who reads it.