Who is your Jane Austen hero?  (Honestly, I’d marry ANY of Jane Austen’s “heros”!!) Sorry, Royce, but real men just can’t compete with Jane Austen’s imagination. 🙂 And, considering that I’m Napoleon Dynamite, don’t worry too much – I’m sure, with that mix, Mr. Knightley would leave me in a flash!

Your hero is George Knightley! As a gentleman and magistrate, he is sensible and honest and possesses a strong sense of justice and duty. His tall figure, handsome features and remarkably good air are complemented by a trustworthy, unselfish and caring character. Mr Knightley is endowed with generally cheerful spirits and has a gentlemanlike and decided manner. His only fault is his inability to resist lecturing those people that are dearest to his heart. Knightley will love with sincere, decided and intelligible tenderness.
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