I’ve been tagged by my real life friend, Grafted, in this post over at Restoring The Years for a meme about writing ideas. The game started over here, and asks:

If you could write a novel about any subject, what would it be?
(Just the subject–don’t give away your plot idea.)

I honestly have no idea. I wouldn’t write a novel. I don’t read them anymore. Who has time? Once I had collected stories from women who had abandoned feminism in pursuit of “godly womanhood” – but I’ve completely abandoned the idea since, from my experience, what most women write about their “godly walk” is usually an outright lie! Well meaning (they want to encourage) but still void of any real transparency.

I do read children’s novels (to the children) but I could never write as well as most of the authors we read, so why try?

If my Gramma were still around I’d probably write a novel based on her life, being the youngest child of 13, who grew up during the great depression, and who was orphaned by the age of 12?? Or something like that. She had some GREAT stories to tell. I absolutely HATE that I don’t have any of her childhood recorded in a book of some sort.

Which reminds me: I need to start journaling about my life for my kids. But…what could I possibly even say that would be entertaining to them in any way? I have a horrible memory. I really only remember key events. If you show me a photograph from my childhood I can recall the who, what, and when but not much else. I think I blocked a lot of it out.

I can’t even remember things from 9 yrs ago. Things I should know. If you ask me to recall an event, it can take me quite a while. I don’t even remember details about my honeymoon or wedding! I can not, for the life of me, remember actually driving to the wedding chapel and I have absolutely NO idea what I said at the “altar”. I do remember actually chuckling when I said, “to honor and obey” though. (Hey, I was a 19yr old feminist. Give me a break. God did. You should too.)

Well, I’ve rambled enough. Now it’s your turn. If you were going to write a novel, what would it be about?