The first week was FUN!!!  But..the 2nd week…well, maybe I just had a busy week this week and should have prioritized a little better. I didn’t save NEAR as much as week 1 – but I still did shave $95 off my grocery bill!!

 So, for any new Grocery Gamer out there – here are my tips.

1) Use envelopes for sorting your coupons. I have my coupons sorted into a couple dozen different envelopes (shampoo, shaving/deodorant, canned foods, boxed foods, breakfast, baking, etc.) I tried to group them how they are laid out in HEB and Walmart, since those are the places I shop the most.

2) If you are in San Antonio, you can hit all 3 list stores first thing Tuesday morning.

3) I highly recommend getting all your coupons cut and sorted on Sunday evening. Make your grocery list for household needs next. THEN print your Grocery Game lists off and cross reference them with your actual needs list. If there are any FREEBIES or super cheap deals, pick those up too. But…

4) Only buy what you need or will actually use. Don’t buy $40 worth of FREE DOG CHEWS just because they are free unless you can bless someone else with them. What’s the point?? (Grafted, do you want the free Iams Tartar Treats that we have – they are for small dogs under 20lbs.) And don’t buy 22 boxes of pop tarts just because you can get them for $0.10/box. You don’t need that much sugar. 🙂 (And no, I didn’t buy 22 boxes of pop tarts.)

5) Don’t be afraid to ask for rain-checks!

6) I’ve found that most of the groceries on the drugstore lists are actually cheaper WITHOUT a coupon at Walmart! Unless it’s totally free or almost free – it’s better to just wait for the grocery items to come up on the HEB list or watch the Walmart circular yourself.

7) When clipping coupons consider how many items you could store before you clip away. For example, I have 20 coupons for Secret Deodorant. I seriously can not store 20 bottles of deodorant, nor do I even want to. The thought conjures up hallucinations of FlyLady floating above my head yelling CLUTTER CONTROL in my left ear. (I know, I’m neurotic.) I’m meeting my sister tonight at Starbucks and she’s gonna get to pick through my coupon file for what she want.

8) Oh – for extra coupons: swallow your pride and dumpster dive! It’s fun. My boys go with me and they actually said, “Wow, thanks Mom for finding something fun we can do together!” All I could think of was Grafted and her admonition to “Keep the Bar Low”. I’m thinking – dumpster diving…can’t get much lower than that! Take some hand sanitizer along with you though. It is, afterall, a dumpster your pilfering through.  Just be sure to check the expiration dates on the coupons – don’t waste time cutting out expired coupons.

9) I’m also going to ask my neighborhood gas station if I can have the inserts from the left over Sunday papers that they will be sending back for recycling. They are really nice people and we know each other by name – so maybe they’ll help me out a little.

10) I’ve started a Yahoo Group Email List for those in the San Antonio area. Click here to join. This will be a great way to communicate with other coupon clippers. Have too many coupons you want to give away?  Found a great deal at Walmart, Target, etc? Share the wealth! Want to meet up once every couple of weeks and have a coupon swap???  Join and let’s see how much fun we can have couponing together – the more the merrier!