Claire got stung by a bee in the armpit today at the park. In a freak accident, the bee flew under her arm at the exact moment Claire was lowering it, trapping the bee. The bee stung her, immediately, but sadly succumbed to his fate when she inadvertently decapitated him. What was left in her armpit was the abdomen of the bee with his stinger in her armpit. My Mom had to PULL the bee out of her. Poor baby.

Living only 2 seconds from the park, Mom brought her home and I immediately administered Benadryl and Tea Tree Oil. She slept for about 4 hrs! W/in a few minutes, the huge welp had decreased to small bump and by the afternoon all swelling was gone.

But, a week later, we were in Target and she saw a picture of a bee on a birthday card and she says, “Oh Mom! Dat bee bit me in my arm!!” And she raised her correct arm up and pointed with her other finger. Then she says, in a pathetic voice with a most endearing look on her face, “Dat wuz a MEAN BEE” (growling the words Mean Bee.)

It was TOO FUNNY! She remembered!