Ok – here’s the lowdown on the showdown:

Total FULL Retail Price of ALL products purchased today: $239.81

Coupon Savings Using The Grocery Game: $134.77

Total spent, out of pocket: $105.04

Total # of products purchased: 128

Total cost PER ITEM: $0.82

I ended up with a LOT of breakfast cereal, breakfast bars, and snack food. But that’s OK. Because we aren’t going to eat it all in a week – so I won’t have to buy cereal again for another 3 weeks if I don’t want to. And we have enough snack food to stow away for field trips, after soccer practice, and park days for the next 2 months! No joke!

I also bought enough shampoo for the next 2 months and have enough dishwashing detergent for 2 months.

I can see where this will start to really save you money in the long run. Pennies add up quickly at the grocery store.

It sure was fun to stand in line at HEB and see my total of 135.47 drop down to $71.72!!! At HEB! And they are already cheap!!!

At CVS, the cashier told me that someone had come in earlier this morning and bought $148 worth of stuff and she paid, out of pocket, just under $2.00! WOW!

And it’s all stuff we’ll actually USE. I did NOT buy a bunch of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy. For the first time I actually saw that, by using coupons when things are already on sale, you can actually get the name brand foods for less than the generic prices.