I did it! I succumbed to temptation. After reading Beth’s Blog about her AMAZING grocery savings…I signed up for The Grocery Game! Even before spending ONE DIME on groceries I am already hooked! I’m totally impressed with how efficient this Game makes couponing. Everything I could dream for! And I DID!

As if waking up from a dream where you were counting calories wasn’t bad enough. Try waking up from a dream where you were clipping coupons! Yes, that’s what I woke up from this morning! My dreams are getting to be too real for my liking I tell you!

Anyway, so one of the tricks to The Grocery Game is to have multiple coupons so you can buy in bulk. The best way to get those extra coupons…diving into the newspaper recycling dumpsters! So I went tonight and came home with about 12 more circulars to clip coupons out of.

 Guess what Adri and Ean will be doing after breakfast tomorrow!!!!

I’ll post my savings as soon as I make my first Grocery Game Shopping trip!

If you decide to sign up for The Grocery Game, be sure to enter my email address as the referring friend b/c I can earn free weeks!  🙂