When I was 17 I worked at Pizza Hut. My friend, Valerie, worked there as well. We had a lot of fun together. When I was 17, I also had voracious hiccups. I can only imagine that these were the side effect of being borderline anorexic. The natural buildup of stomach acids that came from not eating resulted in painful, powerful (and not to mention LOUD) hiccups. They were uncontrollable. They were out of control! One day, at work, Valerie said, “Oh..your hiccups are bad! You need to eat a pickle!” “What? A pickle? What are you talking about??” I said, a little bewildered! I had tried holding my breath, holding my breath while drinking water, holding my breath while counting to 100, tried saying “pineapple”, tried plugging my ears…I could go on and on…I had tried a LOT of things. But I had NEVER heard anyone suggest trying a pickle! “Yeah, a pickle – works everytime – cures hiccups!” Valarie was adamant. So, out I marched to the salad bar to find a pickle – and I munched it – and it worked! Viola! The hiccups were G.O.N.E. And I’ve used the trick ever since then and it’s only failed me a few times. So, naturally, I’ve passed this home remedy onto my children. In fact, up until about a year ago, my oldest actually thought that pickles were not for eating, but rather they were, “Hiccup Medicine.” He actually refused to eat pickles on his hamburgers for the longest time because he didn’t “need any hiccup medicine.”  Too funny! So, I just wanted to blog about it and pass on my words of wisdom, bequest to me from Dear Valerie, when you are plagued with a bout of the hiccups – try a pickle! And if that doesn’t work, you can try any of the hundreds of cures found on this website: Cures for Hiccups!