I woke up this morning after having the most annoying dream in my entire life.

I woke up from a dream in which I clearly remember seeing myself standing in front of the ice cream section at Walmart counting the calories on all the different kinds of yummy ice cream and then walking away from the ice cream aisle, deciding it wasn’t worth it.

Why is that annoying?

Sleep was my last frontier. The place where I could indulge and not bulge. There was freedom in my dreams. And now…no more. Even in my dreams I am calorie conscious. Previously, in my dreams, I was a size 6. Does that mean that NOW in my dreams I’m really a size 12? Has my psyche finally caught up with my waistline? Is this some kind of omen that I’m going to be stuck on a 1400 calorie counting diet FOREVER???

No – probably not an “omen” but still…annoying none the less.

Can’t a girl just enjoy dreaming about triple chocolate cheesecake at least?!?!


I’d go munch on a white cheddar flavored rice cake (Thanks Hearts Desire, for introducing me to those!!) but it’s 10:52pm and WAAAY to late for a snack. Plus, I’m not really even hungry – just annoyed at the remembrance of that dream from last night.