Malawi, Africa

This past summer, my cousin, Heidi Peters, travelled all the way to Malawi, Africa, on a Teens Mission trip. I wanted to post a link here to all her photos from Malawi. Turn the volume on your computer up and you will hear background music playing during the slide shows. It is the Chechiwa Language of Malawi and they are singing about Jesus! What a treat!  Thanks, Heidi, for sharing your beautiful pictures with us! I can’t wait to read more about your trip on your blog!


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Let her know that the pictures are great and I love hearing the music! We will be studying Africa starting in September, I will have to show the kids!


  2. You, Heidi, and Beverly all have a resemblence to each other that is remarkable. It is so cool that she is in Malawi. How is her brother doing? I heard he was going back to some trauma. I have been praying for him.


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