A while back Grafted shared with me that she had once heard that a dog’s mouth is actually cleaner than a human’s mouth. Apparently, this is something a lot of people believe. So, naturally, I had to research it.

And so, may I present to you all, my Public Service Announcement regarding the Oral Health of Dogs:

A dog’s mouth is a nasty thing and full of disgusting bacteria – there is a reason dog’s breath stinks. It’s the same reason WE have stinky breath: bacteria!

It REALLY grosses me out when people pick up slobber covered balls and play “catch” with their dogs. It is completely disgusting to me when I see pet owners KISSING their dogs, on the mouth, and sharing saliva. And I really can’t stand it when dogs get up in my face and try to lick me! YUCK. I can’t even stand it when dogs rub their nose against my skin. And now I have a valid reason why: it’s unsanitary!!

I know you all think I’m just another anti-dog person. I’m not. I think dogs are great. I just don’t want to share saliva with them.

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