Claire used the potty all by herself. #1 and #2. GO CLAIRE GO!
I helped her off the potty and we flushed the potty.
Then I got called to the other room.
Next thing I know, Claire is coming out of the bathroom with her hands…and arms…wet and she tells my Gramcy (my Mom), “I washed my hands!”
Gramcy says, “Um, Sarah, did you help her wash her hands?”
Me: “No, not yet, why?….Claire…did you wash your hands?”
Claire: “Yes!”
Me, with much concern because I already knew the answer, “Um…WHERE did you wash your hands?”
Claire, “in…The…POTTY!!”

And yep, there was water all over the potty seat…and she was SOOOO proud of herself!


Note to self: Pick up stool for Claire to use so she can reach the sink.
Bonus points for Claire for remembering to wash her hands after she used the potty!!!