1. What is most battered book in your collection? The one with loose pages, tattered corners, and page edges so soft that there’s not even a risk of paper cuts anymore? Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? (The board book version…yes…we read it THAT much!)
  2. Why is this book so tattered? Is it that you love it so much that you’ve read it a zillion times? Is it a reference book you’ve used every day for the last seven years? Something your new puppy teethed on when you weren’t looking? CLAIRE loves it so much that we’ve read it a ZILLION times! I could probably recite it by heart now.
  3. What is the most pristine, perfect book in your collection? The one that looks like it’s never been opened (and in fact may never have been)? Whose binding is uncracked, the corners still perfect? Most of my personal books are in great shape because I read them once and put them away. Kids books – that’s a different story!
  4. Why is that book so perfect? Was it a gift? Is it a coffee table book too beautiful to use? Something you simply have no interest in and haven’t bothered to open? Re: #3

I used to be SUCH a book person – but the more kids I have…the less time for reading. I read a LOT to the kids, but reading for personal enrichment is almost non-existent unless it’s The Bible or a non-fiction book about some subject I’m interested in.

I am reading "Places…" right now and it’s very good, but it requires me to actually pay attention to what I’m reading if I want to keep up with the story. It is a memoir and that keeps my attention better than fiction. I’m not a big fiction fan. I just don’t see the point in wasting time reading a book about something that never really happened. Same with movies – I actually prefer documentaries over Hollywood blockbusters. But I usually just end up watching Law & Order. It’s about real stuff, even if it’s fiction.

I know. I should read more. My sister is doing the "Well Trained Mind for Adults" program (or it’s named something like that), and I’ve thought about reading along with her…but I’m still mulling that one over.

I used to enjoy good literature. Some of the most memorable books/stories I’ve read are 1984, Waiting for Godot, The Stranger, The Trial, Animal Farm, Catcher in the Rye, Canterbury Tales, etc. But those books, and their like, do not extoll a Christian Worldview, so I wouldn’t really bother going back and reading them again…and I haven’t found any Christian based authors who write to the same level as those books above…so I just kinda gave up on the whole "reading for fun" thing.  And, you know, looking back – even when we WERE reading good "Jane Austen" type literature in High School…those were the books that BORED me to death and I just ended up using the Cliff Notes for!! HAHAHA!