It’s 11:37am. My Lean Cuisine is heating up. 9 minutes on 50% power and I still have to wait 1-2 minutes after it’s done being radiated…er…heated up…to eat it. That means I have time to sit and blog about this morning. LUCKY YOU!!

Here are 10 things I’ve thought about over the course of the morning:

1)  I like Kellogg’s Wheat Flakes Bran cereal just fine – but after 3 weeks of it…it’s time for me to find another cereal.

2) The children play so much nicer together when I ban the TV and Computer. They’ve played "Barber Shop" this morning (complete with home made credit OR debit card machine). The boys dressed the girls up and they "went to church" in the living room (complete with praise and worship [guitar rendition of "this is the Day"], corporate prayer and a Bible reading). Now they are all playing board games, well.. except for Claire who is wandering around…but she doesn’t seem bored so I’m not gonna intervene.

3) I really am able to sleep through anything when I put my mind to it. At 9:45, just 2 hrs after waking up, I NEEDED a nap! So I laid down on the couch, closed my eyes, and drifted for 20 minutes of deep rest. All the while I heard, in the distant background, screaming, doors slamming, crying, and yelling that was equally balanced with laughing, running, tickling and silliness. It was a good nap. I got up when the phone rang.

4) It’s a lazy day today. The overcast weather makes it so. Even still, I’m heading to a friends house this afternoon to swim with her and her kids. My Mom is meeting us at the pool. Therefore, what that really translates into is: I’m meeting my Mom and a friend at the pool. Our older kids will play together and my little girls will want my Mom’s total attention and therefore I get to take a nap by the pool this afternoon. Since I already had my morning nap, I shouldn’t be overtired and I should get a good long nap in.

5) I’m really REALLY really REALLY glad that Royce is taking over the checkbook. I really like it better this way. You da man! You also da accountant. So, it all makes more sense. I only got a C in "The Spirit of Math" (and that was a required college class). People like me shouldn’t be in charge of lots of money!!

6) Claire is totally potty trained! I’m so excited! She just went into the bathroom and used the potty all on her own…she just needed help getting her pants back on. She seems to think she has to totally undress – but hey…whatever works for her!  YAY! The weird thing is she beat Hannah (who is 2.5 yrs older than her). Hannah’s still working on it. She’ll get there sooner or later – and if not, that’s what they make Depends for.

7) I cleaned the house all by myself this morning. Why interrupt the children when they are being so sweet with each other?? I use work to corral them when they are rowdy. I do have to say this though – it goes SO MUCH FASTER when they help. It took me a good hour to get it all straightened back up – usually we can clean the house in 20 minutes or less. (The blessing of living in a closet.)

8) I’m feeling kinda bored with the whole blogging business. I don’t like ANY of the service providers. Actually I liked my blog on Blogger just fine – except that the formatting got all messed up and the HTML isn’t working in my posts and nothing would ever post right, took too long, got hung up…etc…and so I had to switch. Now I don’t want to pay for Typepad services b/c they limit my storage space and I’m already at 28%. But the other 2 blogs that are free and give you unlimited storage space are not as cool as Blogger and transferring everything is a pain. In fact, one of the other blogs doesn’t even have an import function, so I can’t move over to it. Did you know Blogger doesn’t even have an import function??? But other than the technical aspects of it all….I’m just kind of bored of blogging. Maybe it’s a phase and it’ll pass and I’ll get back in the game, but I don’t know.

9) I was thinking about the different relationships I have with different people, and my secret thoughts about them and that made me wonder what my friends REALLY think of me. But I don’t know if I REALLY want to know. I’m not sure my friends would really want to know what I secretly think of them…so… NOW YOU ARE WONDERING AREN’T YOU????  HAHAHAHAHA Isn’t that mean of me???

10) The Fall is going to be busy. I really need to get the house organized again and things in order for when September rolls around. I need a weekend "off" – no kids, no husband, no church, no marriage class….I’m thinking the 18th and 19th of August. I gotta get rid of Royce and the kids. What can I do with them? I need time in the house ALONE. We need to actually START school this year in September when everyone else does. (Yeah, I know…but don’t bust my bubble by saying it won’t happen…it’s a good goal to have! LET IT BE!)

Wow, that took longer than 9-11 minutes. It’s 12:17 now. Of course, I stopped blogging to eat, help Claire with her potty time, talk on the phone to two different people, kiss Hannah’s boo-boo. And now we are going to get ready to go to the POOL!!!!!!!!