I think I’m going to start crying.
Nope…I just DID start crying.

Here’s what just happened. And only a mother will be able to relate.

I just said, “I’m going to go ahead and read the next chapter, ok?”
Adri says, “Okay!”

and then…

Adri: “Mom, did you hear that? When I said ‘OK’ my voice cracked and I said part of it deeper. I don’t know why it did that. I didn’t do that.”

Me: “No, I didn’t hear it. Hannah was talking too. Has that happened before?”

Adri: “Yeah, I don’t know why it is doing that.”

Me: “I’ll be right back…”

And I go to the computer, google “Boy Voice Cracking” and it’s right there, all over Google…it’s a sign of puberty and it can begin in some boys as early as NINE.

WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA I’m not OLD enough to have kids entering puberty! WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m not mature enough to deal with their pubescence yet.

Should I spank him for trying to grow up too fast? He’s not allowed to do this. It’s too early. He still has too many baby teeth and throws too many temper tantrums.

I have to go find some kleenex, put on my iPod, go lock myself in my room and cry. That’s a very mature thing to do, isn’t it.

POSTSCRIPT: Upon more research it seems a rare thing for a boy to have voice change before progressing through other stages of puberty. Perhaps it was just a fluke, or due to allergies. Yes…that’s it… it must be the weather… WHEW… all’s well that ends well, right???