Today was such a beautiful day. It was only 102 this afternoon, and so I got a “hankering” to finally do a LITTLE landscaping.

Here’s the area I wanted to clean up and do something with. I’ve been thinking about this for a few years actually and I knew I wanted to plant antique roses. I just didn’t know what kind, what color, what breed, etc. We are also going to repaint the house a lovely shade of green later this year and so I wanted something to contrast the green paint, the stone facing and the burnt orange roof (or whatever color you call it). I needed a nice strong pink – but not baby pink or “tea rose pink”. It had to be JUST RIGHT. I’m going with a 50’s theme here…pink and green, one of my favorite color combinations – but it has to be the RIGHT shades or it looks icky.

So off Hannah and I, along with my Mom, went to the Antique Rose Emporium REAL best friend! I mean it, too. We have our moments, as all moth. Hannah was ecstatic about getting to go do this with me. She loves to pal around with me. I tell her all the time she’s truly my onl y REAL best friend! We have our moments, as all mother/firstborn daughters do, but in the end – our heart strings are tied tight. And, as much as I complain about it, secretly I love it this way.
Our trip to the Rose Garden was delightful. If you’ve not visited before, you are missing out! They have beautiful landscaping and you can get some really cute photos on their grounds. They do not charge a fee or anything if you just go out there and shoot photos!

Anyway, I had taken the digital camera with me so I could show someone the space I was working with. Before leaving for the rose garden, I took some photos of the flower bed area – I knew I was gonna need help! We found a very nice lady who took me around and we looked at MANY different varieties of roses and we finally stumbled across the Vincent Godsif Rose. I was in love! I can’t explain why – but it is THE ONE. 🙂

Hannah was a big help at the rose garden. She INSISTED on haulin’ them out to the car! She was so proud of herself and of being my Big Helper! She’s so cute!!

And now we were halfway done!

But for the short end of the story: here’s the finished product. I still have more work to do – but for now, here they are!

I still have more landscaping to do – hopefully it won’t take me 6 more years to figure it out. HA!