10 Things To Know About The Shops at La Cantera

1.) They don’t have an Old Navy, Famous Footwear or Spencer’s Gifts. Please don’t ask the lady at Ann Taylor where they are. You’ll embarrass yourself.

2.) Don’t worry about locking your car or even taking the keys out of the ignition. In THAT parking lot, your junked out mini-van full of car seats, cheetos, juice boxes, toys and other Mommy Paraphernalia is NOT AT ALL appealing to the thieves roaming that lot full of Jaguars, Rolls-Royces and the like.

3.) If you decide to leave Six Flags Fiesta Texas and THEN go visit the Shops at La Canterra (they are right next to each other!), make sure you at least take a shower and bring a change of nice clothes and blow dry your hair and put on some makeup.

4.) Leave your credit cards at home. If you can’t write a check for it…the item you are desiring is outside of your social class.

5.) When you visit the Burberry store you will find that they actually produce lotion and parfume for BABIES. Please, don’t test the lotion! You will end up with a huge amount of silky white cream on your hand that smells exactly like how sweet a newborn baby smells. That’s fine if you are a newborn baby – but it’s NOT OK if you are 30, wearing gym clothes, and sunburned.

6.) Visit Tiffany & Co. Hold your head high. They don’t know that the ring you want to try on is worth more than the total of all your assets (house, cars, stocks, 401k, vacation, sick pay, life insurance, etc.) And they don’t NEED to know. They are all very very nice people who enjoy showing off their immorally priced jewelry.

7.) TRY THE RING ON at Tiffany & Co. And know that it is the LAST time you will EVER wear a ring that is worth $35,000.00. And that was a "cheap" one.

8.) Don’t gawk when the gal tells you that their more "expensive" pieces are in the "Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars". (Well…they do have some amazingly beautiful diamonds!!)

9. ) Don’t fall for the lies at Burberry. I asked them and she told me. Yes, the $900.00 purse IS just layers and layers of PLASTIC with some leather trim.

10.) After you leave the Shops at La Cantera, head straight for your nearest Target and buy 1 thing off every clearance aisle. Even if you don’t need it. Just because you CAN. Now you are kinda like the people who shop at La Cantera!