Almost everywhere I have shopped in San Antonio this past summer, I have stumbled across a copy of John Phillip Santo’s memoir: Places Left Unfinished at the End of CreationI’ve thought it had a really clever title, and it always makes me feel a sort of kinship to the author that I can’t explain. And I kept wondering why it was all over San Antonio!

So, last night at the library, I finally succumbed to my curiosity and picked up a copy of the book.  And, wouldn’t you know it – it’s about immigration! No wonder it’s THE hottest read of the summer for our city! Thankfully, it’s not a politically correct sociological examination of the effects of mass immigration on our nations resources and culture. Rather, it’s a memoir of a family that immigrated to America and how that impacted many generations of their family. In fact, it was written in 1999. Many years before the US Congress decided that 2006 would be a good year to deal with immigration reform! Ha!  Anyway, I read through the first couple of pages last night – which was just a very well built family tree – and I was instantly brought into the story.

And, after doing a little research on line, I learned that it is part of a new initiative in San Antonio called 1 Book 1 San Antonio: a readingOnebook286 program created to inspire San Antonians to read and discuss the same book!  The author is a Mexican American who lives here in San Antonio AND has written a book about immigration…a natural selection for our city’s first summer reading program for adults! If you click the link above you can read excerpts from the book and read more about the 1 Book 1 San Antonio project.

I’m really looking forward to reading Santos’ book. Will you join me? It would be neat to have an on line book discussion with some of the gals who frequent this blog, even if you aren’t from San Antonio. It doesn’t appear to be a difficult book to read, but I think it’s going to really challenge everyone on their beliefs/feelings regarding immigration reform.

You can order a copy of the book on line if you don’t live in San Antonio. If you are in SA, you can get a copy of the book at the library. There were about 8 copies of it sitting on the shelf last night, I think every branch probably has plenty of them as well.