A few months ago I had, what is sure to become more common in my life, a Moment. You know, the moment when you realize certain decades in your life are over and obsolete to the younger generation coming up behind you. And I’m only 30. 🙂

Cisneros_henry So, imagine how Mr. Henry Cisneros, Chairman of CityView (San Antonio), Former Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (federal level), and Former Mayor of San Antonio (first Hispanic Mayor of San Antonio, first Latino mayor in the NATIONS HISTORY!), felt when he, being the MOST PROMINENT MEMBER of the Town Hall Meeting that Grafted and I were attending, was standing outside of the studio shaking hands and greeting the other audience members (who were probably totally excited about meeting him!), and he looked at Grafted and I as we walked past him, and I nodded my head and smiled cordially, but it was obvious I didn’t know who he was and that I wasn’t keen on shaking this strange man’s hand! And I turned to Grafted and said, probably within ear-shot, "I wonder who THAT is?" And she said, "I don’t know." And we took our seats AS IF we had walked past a NOBODY! I remember thinking that "that man" had a funny look on his face as we brushed him off and went on w/o shaking his hand. I now know exactly how he felt…

After my moment this past June, I thought about Mr. Cisneros again and that look on his face as we walked past him…and realized I was the source of "a moment" for him! Grafted, not being from Texas, and I, being only in grade school when Mr. Cisneros was the mayor of San Antonio, simply did not realize who we had just brushed off! It wasn’t until later when the moderator introduced Mr. Cisneros to the audience that it hit me who he was! 

So, Mr. Cisneros, my sincere apology for that! I DO know who you are and who you were and if I could do it all over again, I would tell you that I DO remember the day you won the Mayoral Election of San Antonio because we were in school and our teacher brought a San Antonio paper in and she talked to us about how important your election was. And I do remember you being on the cover of a few magazines and I remember how I thought you had a sort of important look on your face but you also looked like a kind man!

I know that in your moment, of which I facilitated, you must have felt antiquated when a couple of thirtysomethings didn’t recognize who you were. That was MY BAD!  But believe me, I do know who you are – and the more I read about you, the more inspired I am by some of the things you said at the Town Hall meeting! And I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself and tell you all the things I’ve shared above!

Maybe I’ll meet you again one day! This time, though, I hope I don’t just walk past you. But don’t forget, I’m in the aging process now, and I could just totally forget!