Hannah has a slight speech problem. She rarely gets her consonants in the right places. And then sometimes she just makes up new words if she can’t say the real world. It has made for some really fun language barriers, let me tell you. But what’s funnier is trying to tell her how to say the word correctly – she’ll say, "Yes, that’s what I said, [insert mis-spoken word she thinks she’s saying correctly]."

It’s fun. So I thought I’d share it with you all! Each Tuesday I will be posting a contest. You don’t win anything except the thrill of figuring out the puzzle.  And the puzzle is really easy – all you have to do is decipher a direct quote from my 4yr old. I’ll post here her phonetically correct statement or words, and give you a clue, and you get to leave comments guessing what the REAL statement or words are.

Good Luck!

Today’s Tuesday Twister:

Har Set

Clue: Something we use to contain her.