If you’ve been looking for him – too bad, he’s mine.

Yes, we have our differences. Yes, we have our fights. (And no, I’ve not blogged any of THOSE!) Yes, we have made some really rocky decisions over the course of our marraige and have both equally disappointed the other. But in the end…he’s the best.

Of course, I know I’m partial.

I will say it out loud, and only because he knows it, but he’s not really good at the big thigns. Like birthdays, holidays, vacations, gift giving… But you know, it’s really in the little things he does for me.

Like today. 

I had a REALLY LONG DAY. On the way home, Hubby called and asked if he could take us out to dinner. He wanted to take us to The Olive Garden. My heart sank. It’s my favorite place, but really…after today…I just wasn’t going to be up for it. And in 10 yrs of marraige, he’s only asked me out to the Olive Garden a handful of times. See, I enjoy it, immensely…he, on the other hand…isn’t so excited about paying lots of money to eat pasta and tomato sauce. One of our differences, I suppose.  Anyway, he hasn’t asked me out to Olive Garden in a LONG TIME. But I really had to just say, "No, honey, not today."

He worked from 6am-midnight on Wednesday and Thursday. So he was missing us and wanted to spend some time with us. It was a sweet offer. But again, we had a long long long day today.

To make a long story a little shorter..he gave me the whole evening "Off." I’ve been sitting in his workshop that he built a few yrs ago, blogging away on his computer enjoying the PEACE AND QUIET out here. The only interruption to my evening…for the past (almost) 3 hours, is when he came out to bring me a big glass of ice water.

It’s almost midnight and I really don’t have any plans to head inside anytime soon!!  I just do NOT want to go back in the house. I know that the minute I do one of those 4 darling little angels who are sleeping soundly and peacefully right now, will sense my presence and begin their nightime tirade. And if I hear another child whine, cry, bicker or complain about ANYTHING for at least 12 more hours – someone’s gonna end up getting sent to time out – and it won’t be a child!!! 

So, anyway, thanks, Hubby, for a nice evening "out" of the house, away from you, the children, the clutter, the noise, the interruptions, the distractions. Thanks for letting me sit and waste the night away piddling with my blog, catching up on Hollywood Gossip, reading emails, and generally vegging out at the computer. Yes, there’s a computer in his worskhop. I love it out here. Just need a portable fridge stocked with Diet Cokes and I’d be ALL SET!