I upgraded to a TypePad site and have moved my entire website over here. I’m thrilled with TypePad ‘s service and hopefully this will speed up my blogging capabilities.

I have imported all my blogs from blogspot – except I was not able to import my comments. I could go back and mess with it more, but I’m not going to. Sorry!!  The best thing is… when I imported my Blogger files, the posts are all formatted properly…I’m totally excited about that! (I’m a geek, I know.)

I don’t much care for this particular template, but it was the best I could find. I personally don’t care for narrow blog templates – I like to see the whole screen taken up by the post. I like a little bit of color, for ease in reading, but not necessarily THIS much color. This template is a little to PINK for me! I plan to upgrade to the Pro level in the next month, if all goes well for the next 30 days, and when I do, I can then totally customize my template. YAY!