This has to be the single biggest MESS my kids have ever created.

A few days after Josiah was born I kept Alaina and Emma for an overnight stay. My children had received a Discovery Kids Detective Kit which contained Fingerprint Detection Powder.

Here’s a tip to ALL OF YOU – if your kids EVER receive one of these kits, throw the fingerprint powder away IMMEDIATELY.

This black stuff, whatever it was, got all over EVERYTHING and was impossible to clean up. Ok – well a little soap and water did the trick – but the fact that it got all over everything…and I mean everything…made the cleanup exhausting. It’s actually STILL on the rails for the tree house, as I keep thinking the rain will wash it away….even though we are in the middle of a very long drought with no relief in sight… LOL

I really wanted to archive this photo b/c in about 10 yrs I’m not gonna remember what this picture was about!!!

Aside from the black hands – aren’t Hannah and Emma absolutely beautiful?!?!?!