Today, as a nation, we join together to celebrate our 230th Birthday! In honor of our country, my sister and her husband decided to present to our great nation one of it’s newest home-grown Americans! Presenting…on his Fourth of July Debut….my newest nephew! (I have even heard that the whole country’s gonna shoot fireworks tonight to celebrate his arrival! Ha! I know – that was super cheezy…but I couldn’t help it!)

Josiah Newberry
Born around 3pm on July 4, 2006
Weighing 7lbs 14.5 oz

With Big Sister Alaina! This was her first time to hold Josiah.
I love the way he is gazing at her with such adoration.
With his Aunt Meme. He was such a snuggle bug!
With his cousin, Hannah Banana. She was SOOOO excited about the baby.
She wouldn’t leave his side the entire time we were in the hospital.
She was very confident in thinking she was totally capable of totally taking care of him.
Even when he fussed, she just tried to bounce him and shushed him.
She’s totally in love!!!

Proud Papa!