This past Saturday we had a garage sale. We didn’t really have that much to get rid of, but my Mom did and she really NEEDED to have the yard sale. It went well – we had a good day – even if we did get rained on. We had prepared ahead and Royce enclosed the back porch with painters drop cloth, so we stayed dry during the sale.

We didn’t make much money – but we had a good day spending time with each other as a family, not distracted by the TV, computer, phones, etc. The funnest part was paying the kids their “earnings”. Adri and Ean sold a bunch of their toys. (My decision, but they got the money.) Ean decided he wanted to sell some of his private collection (bottle caps, rocks, nuts, little things, etc). And would you believe me that he actually earned $11.00 from selling his private things at the sale?? It was hilarious! Hannah was just too cute, so we had to pay her. And of course, we couldn’t leave Claire out of the mix!

Naturally, Adri has already calculated how he can most efficiently spend everyone’s money. But we’re going to make the kids wait until next weekend to spend it. It’s good for them to have to wait it out. Builds character.