I’ve not had much time to blog this week. It’s been a long week. And my allergies are flared up which makes me feel as tired as one does when they are newly pregnant.

And no. I’m not pregnant.

Yes. I’m sure.

I’ll probably have some time on Monday…no wait…I’m going to the library for Mom Time in the morning, grocery shopping and having Friend’s family over for dinner Monday night…so…no, I won’t have time to write on Monday. And Royce has to replace some of the pergo flooring in our bedroom after a minor catastrophe last night. Pergo is basically laminated press board. It is not compatible with any kind of flooding.

Maybe I’ll have time to blog on Tuesday. But then there’s the 4th of July Parade to attend and laundry to catch up on and my sister is having her 5th baby on Tuesday (probably early afternoon, during the parade) and then Royce and I are supposed to have a “staff meeting” on Tuesday night…but on second thought…I’ll probably go to the hospital to see my new nephew. So…I probably won’t have time on Tuesday either. Maybe we better do our staff meeting in the morning. It’s our time to get together once a week to go over family/personal stuff.

Might catch up on Wednesday – but then again…I am taking the kids to the movies Weds. morning, going to catch up on laundry Wednesday afternoon, spend time finishing the chore chart I started making 3 weeks ago, and try to make it to the track to run on Wednesday evening. So, I doubt blogging will happen on Weds.

Thursday? That’s going to be errand day this week. I’ll probably take the kids to the library, run to the grocery store, hit Target, and Thursday night I want to go shopping to find me a couple of mix-n-match outfits suitable for church. Cropped jeans, T-shirt and tennis shoes just aren’t gonna cut it anymore. Shopping is something I detest. But I also don’t like looking hoboken at church either! If I do blog, it’ll be after I’ve gone shopping and it could be reminiscent of my previous Monologue. I feel I should spare any of my readers from being, as Grafted stated, visually assaulted. So I’ll probably NOT blog until I’ve had a strong shot of Tequila and some limes. But then…I wouldn’t be too coordinated with the keyboard….so I’ll probably not blog on Thursday.

Friday I’m going to do some bulk cooking and prepare some freezer meals for my sister’s family. That is going to take some concentrated effort. I’ll run the food over to my sister Friday night, with family in tow, so they can all see the new babe. It’ll be a long day. Doubt I’ll have much free time on Friday. And when I get home Friday night, I’m vegging.

So – it’s tonight or never I suppose. Royce and I worked on a funny blog post earlier and I’ll pop it up online after dinner tonight.