Well, she chopped it up pretty good. Friend was gracious enough to help me fix it. I’m not very good at trimming Hannah’s hair – much less shaping it up after a near catastrophe. Friend gave her girls really cute bob’s for the summer, so I was confident in her abilities. Never the less, it was still a Two Mama job. Here I am holding the hair out of Friend’s way so she can trim the bottom layer.

After all was said and done and I took Hannah to the mirror to see her new do, she smiled and proudly declared, “Oh! It’s just like your’s Mom!”

Yeah….thanks Hannah. Just what I wanted. To look like my 4yo daughter. 🙂 Actually, it’s not that terrible. She is cute. She just looks like a little boy now. She had really wanted to grow her hair long, and I was having so much fun braiding her hair and fixing it every day. I think, more than anything, I am just disappointed that I don’t get to fix it really cute anymore! It’s a good thing she looks cute with short hair! Ha!

However, the resemblance is uncanny. To the right is a picture of the original” Ramona Quimby!