Yes….this happened after the hike on Wednesday!

SO… I heard Hannah in the bathroom today. I heard the toilet flush and thought, “Oh that’s weird. She just went to the restroom 5 minutes ago. Oh well…at least she’s using the potty!” And I carried on with whatever insignificant task I was working at. I remember thinking to myself that she had been in the bathroom a long time, even after the toilet flushed, but I didn’t really think too much of it because I didn’t bother to check on her.

She eventually came out and everything seemed ok. Then I sat down on the floor next to her to read her a book and noticed a big clump of hair on the floor next to her. “Gee…that’s weird.” And I looked up at her…and saw more hair on her shirt…and then pieces started fitting together and I saw some hair was missing from her locks. I gasped, hopped up, and went to the bathroom and my heart just sank. I almost fell to tears. I definitely wanted to cry!!

I believe a couple of things went into today’s massacre of the hair. First, last week I took Hannah to get her hair trimmed up around the ends. A female customer in the hair salon asked Hannah if she had cut her own hair yet. Hannah looked at me and I said, “No, she hasn’t. She is growing it long.” The customer said, “Well just wait – she will soon enough.” (Or something to that effect.) At that moment I thought, “Gee thanks for giving her the idea! Why would you say such a thing in front of her?” But I blew it off and hoped Hannah hadn’t paid too much attention.

Then today we finished up the story of Paula, the Waldensian. During the last part of the story, Paula’s Uncle cuts 2 locks of hair from Paula and gives them away. This must have triggered her memory about her ability to cut her own hair. It probably didn’t help that I left the hair trimming scissors within her reach – not thinking she’d even be aware they were in the bathroom on the window sill above THAT TOILET! Because it was after finishing story time this afternoon that the crime was committed!!

And here’s the aftermath:

My first thought was to call a friend whose daughters have very thick hair and she recently gave her little girls very cute hair cuts! So tomorrow morning we are off to Friend’s for a hair cut. As Friend put it – she’ll do her best to shape it up…and not to worry…she can’t make it look any worse!!! I’ll post photos of Hannah’s new “do”.

And just for fun – here’s one of the weirdest looking photos of Hannah I have ever taken. She was making a funny face and the camera was at a weird angle! Enjoy!!