Today we enjoyed an early morning hike with Friend and her 3 girls. It was an unusually cool Texas Summer Morning and the hike was Gloooorious, as Two might have said. (I begged her to say it, but she wouldn’t, so I’ll just have to imagine it.)

We circled the base and then climbed to the top of the Comanche Lookout Hill. This is one of my favorite places to take the kids on a hike because most of the trails are paved which makes it easier on the little girls and then when you get to the top of the hill you can either go back down the paved trail or you can clamor down a rock covered hillside. We always pick the latter, naturally. I’ve even done it with Claire in a baby backpack, though I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone! Ha!

We’ve found a few Indian Artifacts here on our hikes: a couple of scrapers and an arrowhead probably used for carving meats. Who knows how old they are, but it’s pretty cool to think that some Indian actually made them and used them.

For a little San Antonio Historical Information, here’s a short paragraph about Comanche Lookout. You can read more by clicking the title link.

Native Americans used this hill as a vantage point for warfare and hunting. The Apache, and later, the Comanche Indians dominated the area as they hunted along waterways including nearby Cibolo Creek. The hill was also a prominent landmark for travelers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The old Spanish road (one of several routes of the Camino Real or Royal Road) from San Antonio to Bastrop and Nacogdoches in East Texas extended past the base of the hill. The road followed earlier American Indian travel routes, and today its remnants are known as Nacogdoches Road.

The Comanche Lookout property was (eventually) acquired by Mirabeau B. Lamar in September 1848. Lamar served as second president of the Republic of Texas (1838-41) and enjoyed a long and distinguished political, military and diplomatic career. It is not clear why Lamar purchased the land described in his deed as “including the hill known as Comanche Lookout.”

Above photo taken from – I have no idea what else is on that site, but I needed to give proper credit.

Following our hike the kids played at the playground for a while, then we browsed the library and finished off the morning with a trip to Sonic for Wacky Packs! Nothing like ending an invigorating hike in the fresh morning air with burgers, fries and slushies! Ha!

Our next hike will be this next week but I’m not sure I’m going to convince One that it’s actually GOOD to get out in the heat! (Ha!)