Wow – we had a great day at Fiesta Texas today. We went for the fun of it – for pure amusement. And I just have to say: my 10yr old niece ROCKS! She rode all the “scary” rides with me. We rode every roller coaster except the Rattler b/c I absolutely HATE wooden roller coasters. They are horrible on your back and they look like they are built out of toothpicks and that just can’t be safe. But my head is still spinning from all the frenzy of the day. I was way overstimulated – but it was fun.

It was great to spend the day with my big boys and my niece. My very pregnant sister took all the little ones for the day. She, being 36 weeks pregnant, took care of an almost 5 yr old, a 4.5yr old, a 3 yr old, a 2 yr old, and 1.5yr old. And when I dropped off her 10yr old and picked up my 4.5yo and 2yr old she actually said, “That was so easy! They played ALL DAY. No fussing from any of them. They were SOO good!”

Yes. Those were her actual words. She is such a very patient person when it comes to having a house full of toddlers!!!

It’s really late and I’ve had a long day but I’m just still hyped up. I’m gonna go watch some trash tv and see if I can’t bore myself to sleep. Considering we only get 4 channels it shouldn’t be hard to do… LOL! I have to get up in the morning and take 2 little boys to soccer camp at the church by 9am. Am I insane?

The answer is YES.