Royce stopped by and read my blog. I’m touched.

Tomorrow is SCRUB THE HOUSE DAY! I’m so excited. It’s such a mess and it’s time. We are having a yard sale on the 1st and the house needs a good decluttering. I’ve already prepared the boys for the reality of tomorrow. I even sat down tonight and made the list of all the cleaning I want to do and even assigned chores to each child (and myself). That way tomorrow I can stay focused on training the boys in cleaning instead of saying, “Oh never mind…I’ll just do it!!” No – this time – they are going to learn to do some of the heavy cleaning! They already do a lot – but there’s so much more they need to learn. I’m sure it will be a FUN day.

Mostly I just had to post something so the 1st post you see when you visit the blog is something besides the Vagina Monologue. Just for posterity’s sake. 24 hours is long enough – or however long it was the “Thought of the Day”. LOL