Hannah has a lot of hair. She always has. When she was 4 months old, she required her first hair cut. Funny to remember that she was born with a full head of black, curly hair, and now it is “straight as a board” blonde.

I used to cut it short because there’s this one section of hair in the back that stays matted up all the time. It’s so weird. But it’s easier to just comb it out and pull the front back. However, she wants to grow it long! Hannah told me one day that she wanted long hair – so we are working on it! But I just thought it would be fun to archive her at the mid-point. And to show the world how normal she looks from the front – but how chaotic her hair is in the back.

And such is the temperment of my darling little girl! ::wink::


bedhead gone bad Posted by Picasa