Tonight I took Ean to the grocery store with me. He told me a few days ago that he doesn’t get to spend enough time with us by himself, so we are carving it out here and there and it’s been a blessing for us all. I’m glad he could tell us what he needed. He’s such a sweet heart. We had a good time in the car together there and back and even stopped at Sonic for a drink before hitting HEB. He told me in the car that he likes to think about things, a lot. He likes to try and figure things out like:

Why is the sky blue?
Why are the clouds white?
Why are some clouds white but change to blue?
Why is the grass green?

And the one that took the cake:

“How does the ocean hold all that water? I mean, wouldn’t the sand soak it all up??”

He’s just so darn cute!!!!