I do not measure a child’s scholastic ability by their age. Children are born natural learners and I think institutionalized learning (public or private schools) interrupts their God-given ability to grown and learn in the likeness of the Lord, at HIS appointed time – not when a standardized test says s/he ought to know how to do something. I’m not opposed to testing students in the upper grades (10-12th grade) as a way to know if they are prepared for college (PSAT, SAT, PACT, ACT, etc). But I have ZERO intentions to ever give my little ones Government created standardized tests.

But that’s more in line with something I’d post about on my other blog – this blog is all about my family and their accomplishments, daily activities, etc. I’ll spare you my dissertation on the Better Late Than Early model of education. 🙂

So – with that note – I’d like to whole world to know… EAN IS READING!!!!! He really has put his best foot forward and is making real progress. He’s not always happy to sit down and do a lesson, but he does obey me and we are making progress. I think by the end of the summer he’ll be a pretty independent reader!

I’m really proud of you, Ean!!

And in weirder news, Hannah just read 90% of the alphabet to me. Correctly. She even knows the sounds of some of the letters! She has decided SHE wants to learn to read “all by herself” too.

Ean’s 6 1/2 and Hannah is 4 1/2. There’s a 2 yr age gap between them – wouldn’t it be cool if I, as their private home schooling mother, could teach both of them to read this year? Not berating Ean because he was “behind” and not holding Hannah back because she was “ahead” of her class?

The power of a classroom at the kitchen table….who knew….