It happened.
My Moment.
It was brilliant.
It was all I could ever dream it would be.
Except I hadn’t dreamed about it.
Didn’t even know it would happen.
But when it did, I knew.
Perhaps it was better this way.
No anticipation.
No overdramatization.
No exasperation.
No…ok…I’m over doing it.

Ok so I’m in OfficeMax – one of my favorite places to shop (that should have been my first clue)!!! Gwendolyn – by the way and totally off topic – they are getting ready to put out loads of school supplies – I could just FEEL it in my bones! I’m so excited! My favorite thing to do every August is to compile all the different shopping circulars and cross reference them to see which store will be selling which products the cheapest! It’s a sickness. I still have school supplies left over from August ’05. What does that tell you? Only 1 of 2 things. 1) I bought WAAAY too much stuff or 2) we took WAAAY too many "vacation days" from school. I’ll leave it up to your imaginations.

[[OK STOP. I just re-read that paragraph. Now, I must ask myself, if I am a person who gets goosebumps at the idea of stockpiling school supplies, why did I not see my "moment" coming? Of course I’ve always had a thing about office supplies. Ask my Dad. I used to LOVE hanging out at his office with him and organizing their supply room. Ok anyway, back to the present!]]

SO….I’m in OfficeMax. I walk up to the counter to pay for my junk and the following conversation unraveled.

"Did you find everything you needed?" [very young] cashier [in training] politely asks. We’ll call her Cashier #1. No wait. We’ll call her Thing 1.

I start to say yes, but then catch myself. "Oh wait. You know what – I was looking for something … you know those things that you would put inside of a book to hold a library card? I don’t know what they are called, ummm…they would hold an index card…"

"Oh..hmmmm…," Thing 1 says real slowly, "like…a bookmark??" The cashier that was training her (We’ll call her Thing 2) is looking at me with a funny grin on her face like, "You idiot! What are you talking about?!?!"

And that was The Moment.

I instantly realized that my point of reference was completely obsolete to these young ladies staring back at me in confusion! They were very polite and seemingly wanted to help me, but we were speaking as if we were from two different worlds! As if I were an 80 yr old woman asking where I left my horse drawn carriage!

It digressed….

"Oh not a bookmark," I stammer back, as my mind is trying to assimilate what has actually just occurred. It was a surreal moment, really surreal. I was actually embarrassed!! "No, not a bookmark. No, ok… um…nevermind…you don’t know what I’m talking about."
"Ok… you know… you girls are making me feel really old right now!!"
**more giggling**
So I continue talking, as usual, unable to shut up the idiot hole that has now burst wide open.
"Like…you know… when I was a little girl and I went to the library there were these little pockets that were stuck inside the book. And the librarian would take the card out, stamp the date due on a little square…"
"Oooohhhh….OK!! Yeah…now I know what you are talking about!" exclaims Thing 1.
"Yeah…like on Arthur…I’m sure you’ve seen that!" I quip back at her!
"Yeah, exactly!" says Thing 2. "But, you know, now they just usually…
"Uh…yeah…I know, they scan the library books," I cut her off, "I gotcha. I’ll go to the Teacher Store tomorrow and get some…they’ll have them there."


Thankfully, God made a wonderful provision.
I walked right next door in to Toys R Us and spent a few moments walking, bewildered through a toy store, while relaying the situation to Grafted Branch so I would have someone to laugh WITH ME, not at me!! Nothing like walking through THAT particular toy store to realize how THANKFUL I am to be all growed up.