So much has been going on i haven’t had time to sit down and blog our weekly activities yet – I’m in shock that it’s already Saturday.

I was supposed to go see Tricia this weekend and teach a class for her – but Hannah broke out in Chicken Pox yesterday and I think Claire may have them, too. I figured that the LAST THING Tricia wanted me to bring her was Chicken Pox, so we are going to reschedule the class.

Hannah was pretty broken out yesterday when we got home from the park. I could tell the CP was aggravated by the heat. But it’s so weird….after just 3 doses of the Sambucol and a couple of treatments with the Tea Tree Oil….the spots are almost all gone. I’m beginning to wonder if it really is CP after all!! LOL!

Claire too – I noticed her spots last night at bedtime. I gave her a tsp. of Sambucol and applied the Tea Tree Oil – and all her spots are almost totally gone.

Totally weird, that’s all I can say!

IF I have time tonight I’ll update the blog with our week in pictures. LOL