Royce found this snake, a Texas Night Snake, in the front yard. Actually on the front porch.
We actually think this was a female because there was an open slit on it’s tail where it could have been laying eggs. Now that would be cool to find and observe!!

Royce brought the snake in for the kids to see. they were already in bed. The boys said he was very very stinky but I was on benadryl that night and couldn’t smell a thing!

The big kids didn’t want to have much to do with it, but Claire, ever curious, was excited to see a snake! She was naturally timid, but still very interested to see it. I tried to get her to touch his skin but she wouldn’t have that!!

Royce took the snake (above) down to the drainage ditch and let him go. Then he went into the backyard to take the trashcans to the front yard and wouldn’t you know it – he found another one (below)! With a slit in it’s tail too! We can only guess that the snakes laid eggs in the wood pile behind Royce’s workshop. Maybe that RAT will eat them.