This is gonna be the ants’ last happy meal!!!
Actually, it actually won’t be the ants last happy meal – it will be the ants last mean meal!
(As quoted by Ean, who said we should photograph this and blog about it!!)

In the photo above, the ants are dining on a scrumptious dinner of boric acid and honey! When we retrieved our couches from the storage shed today, we found that they were infested with a trail of ants! There had to have been HUNDREDS of them trailing over the couches! They have apparently been surviving off of Ean’s cookie crumbs!!! HAHAHAHA

The only way to get rid of this nemesis is to mix a concoction of sugar (honey, corn syrup, maple syrup, whatever) and boric acid together and place that in the middle of their trail. When the ants find the yummy treat, they will suck it up. When their bellies are full, they will return home – or in their case, they will TRY to return home. On their way home, they will leave a trail that tells the other ants that there is a banquet to be found if they will continue on the sweet -smelling path Eventually, all the ants will dine from this buffet and the boric acid will KILL THEM!!!

I learned this trick when I paid a certain pest control company to come and take care of the sugar ant invasion that had occurred in my kitchen. This little lesson cost me a good $130. But, what I had battled for months – trying to get rid of the sugar ants – was taken care of in 3 days!! In 3 days all the ants were GONE – and they had gotten into everything! I hope I can save you all some cash by telling you the secret combination and treatment method of killing sugar ants!

NEVER apply a spray pesticide to kill ants that are “trailing”. It simply disrupts their trail, and they will go around the pesticide. You have to lure them in with some sweet tasting deadly potion.

By the way – boric acid can kill you if you ingest it. So – keep your little ones safe!! Posted by Picasa

**Update: It’s been 24 hours and guess what…no more ants! It really was their last supper!**