I just had one of the most enjoyable evenings “out” that I’ve had in a long time. My dear friend CP (not chicken pox!!) hosted a Pampered Chef party tonight and of course I rarely turn THOSE down! Who can resist a Pampered Chef (PC) party?

Well CP totally outdid herself. Not only did the PC lady prepare 2 recipes from the cookbook (fococcia bread and summer tortellini salad), CP had prepared, ahead of time – homemade lasagna, spinach salad with warm bacon dressing, cream puffs, asiago chips and a buttercream cake with icing on top! We sipped on the most delicious green tea I’ve ever tasted, it was really refreshing!** As we sat around CP’s table while she served us as a most gracious and attentive hostess, I decided that I liked this WAAAY better than “Ladies Night Out’s”! I was impressed!

So, that settled it. I’m going to have to start throwing dinner parties every couple of months for my friends. It really was such a treat to get to arrive at CP’s, eat a wonderful meal, visit and laugh together as we fellowshipped around her table. I’ve been attending “Ladies Night Out” events for the past 2 years , where I meet up with other moms at a restaurant for “time away” but it is rarely what I hope it will be – intimate time for sharing, edifying and building each other up. Not that it’s bad – the Ladies Night Outs are always fun and full of laughter and joy – but it’s always in a noisy, crowded restaurant where you have to leave a tip (which is never enough because the poor server has been attending our table at the restautrant for at least 2 hours!!!) and pay outrageous prices for even a simple salad and you NEVER really get into a good conversation.

It’s gonna be FUN!

Thanks, CP, for inviting me and being such a wonderful hostess!

**GB that was for you – until tonight I have been avoiding green tea because I don’t generally like to consume anything that has the word “green” in it! Starbucks Green Tea Frapp. was the 1st time I’d ever tasted it, but a frappucino is a whole different category than sugar free all natural iced green tea! But it was that or water and I would have been the only “water drinker” so I tried it and I was delighted!