For living in the city – we seem to have a lot of urban wildlife in our backyard! I guess they know they are loved here! Again, I must reiterate. I love animals. When they are in their natural element. I don’t care to actually OWN any of them. I am teaching my children to enjoy God’s gift of animals – but we aren’t going to own a pet of any kind for quite a few years!

Anyway – this is kind of embarrassing, but oh well – I’m going to post it anyway. Here’s a photo of my mop laying over the fence drying out. Truth is…at this point, it’s totally dried out and has been laying across the fence for a few days too long. I always forget to go bring it in. And, I figure, really – the extra time being sanitized by the sun can’t HURT IT….we just sort of look a little bit sloppy…leaving a mop laying about the yard…I don’t know – seems that has to break some sort of etiquette rule somewhere for sure!

So I was standing in the kitchen washing dishes and thinking how I “REALLY need to go put that mop away!!” and I looked up and saw this bird sitting on MY MOP! My first thought was, “Oh great – that bird is gonna poop on my nice clean mop.” HAHAHA What a joke…I’m so deceived. Flylady…where are you?!?!?! I say that because when I looked at the photos I noticed how GROSS my mop is! It’s all rusty and needs to just be thrown out. We’ve had it almost 5 yrs. It’s time!

Anyway – the long of it is that that bird was actually busy collecting cotton from my mop for his nest! That bird is a THIEF! How dare he steal from the hand that feeds him! What an ungrateful bird. Just kidding – it was actually really cute. There was little red breasted bird that was actually fighting with him to get the cotton – but this little sparrow kept pushing him off the mop. TOO CUTE! Here he is CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!!