This Memorial Day Weekend we will begin the ardurous task of moving all our junk back home from the storage shed. We were REALLY EXCITED to move all the junk to storage because we thought we’d be moving it out of storage and INTO a nice big spacious home.

You have no idea how unmotivated we are to actually bring it all back home. I guess the good thing is we found out how much of our stuff we don’t actually USE or NEED and so we are planning a garage sale for the first weekend of July. I don’t know if that’s a good weekend or not – but we’re doing it anyway b/c the next time we’ll be able to do it will be like September!! YIKES!! I’m not waiting that long!

Hope you all have a great time this weekend and enjoy the time with your families and remember to spend some time teaching your children the meaning BEHIND Memorial Day and showing them some way they can honor those who have fought and lost their very lives so that we can the right to live in this great Country!

I’ve put a lot of new posts on the blog tonight. Finally caught up.