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I eventually equate Narnia with witchcraft while in th emiddle of my ramble. I understand that many will disagree with me. But please take it in light of the beginning where I make it clear that I have still not formulated a strong opinion on the subject in one way or another … and furthermore do not care to because it is really of little interest to me!!

Ok so I had a conversation with Friend 1 and Friend 2 at the park this morning regarding Narnia and CS Lewis. I had heard (and then read) that Lewis was not a professing Christian toward the end of his life. But all I had read was a few quotes here and there – and that made me think…ok…maybe they were taken out of context…maybe I misunderstood…etc.

SO…I googled my question, “Was C S Lewis a Christian”. Of course there were TONS of websites touting his goodness. But there were a few which have made me continue to think that perhaps Lewis isn’t the best person I could pick to influence my children’s spirituality. If we NEED to read an allegory about the Christian Life – Little Pilgrim’s Progress will do just fine. In fact, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I don’t know if Lewis believed that Christ as the Messiah or not – and furthermore, I’m not convinced that Lewis really ever understood his NEED for a Saviour. But – I am not God, I can not see into his heart and I do not know if Lewis is in Heaven or Hell. And anyone who claims to know such knowledge comes across as a blasphemer, in my opinion.

Anyway – here are the websites I found that I skimmed through and… IF I CARED ENOUGH…I would take time to really study and form a solid opinion about C S Lewis.

1.) http://www.crossroad.to/articles2/05/narnia.htm – I think I liked this article the best. I haven’t read the 2nd part of it.
2.) http://www.balaams-ass.com/journal/homemake/cslewis.htm – This site has a lot of information regarding Lewis. But the author’s attitude is judgmental and she reminds me of a legalist I once knew. So the information is relevant, but her opinions aren’t really that convincing. She just sounds mad to me. LOL
3.) Edited 5/18/2008: removed link
4.) http://www.wayoflife.org/fbns/cslewisand.htm

What I know is simple enough: Narnia is all about magic. Magic is as real as the air we breath (in that it occurs within the spiritual realm which we are supposed to be guarded against – not participating in!) Satan can perform “miracles” too. The Bible says we are to have absolutely NOTHING to do with magic – that it should not be a part of our lives. Therefore, we will begin the weeding out process in our home. I do plan to teach the children that Narnia is a part of our Christian Culture and that we can’t ignore that fact. However, I can begin to teach them that Narnia is juxtaposed to the Biblical admonition to stand apart from such evil. Enjoying a movie based entirely upon magic just can’t be good for my children’s very impressionable spirits! Or mine for that matter. If my children were older and we could watch the movie together and they were SAVED, regenerated Christians, I would probably use it as a teaching tool. But definitely it is not going to be a part of our Family Culture.

The other thing I want to say is something Charlotte Mason teaches. Children form a relationship with the characters in the books they read, the stories they hear and the shows they watch. And those relationships can be very influential. I know this is true for me. Most of us carefully select who our kids play with because we know that peer influence can destroy the best parent/child bonds and lead a child down the wide and crooked road. If books can be just as influential to a child’s spirit as a friend can be – should we not take as much care in the oversight of the books we give our children to read? The movies we let them watch? Should a movie that places any good value on witchcraft really be a door we want to open for our children to explore?

The old adage is true: garbage in, garbage out. What I feed my kids’ spirits needs to be “whatever is true…noble…PRAISEWORTHY…” not just whatever is popular, cool and “in” with the world.

I guess I’ll be the stick in the mud on this one! That’s OK – I’m usually on the fringe anyway.