Claire, you are such a doll! Here you are enjoying your birthday cake! You are eating on our “Celebrate” plate that we have reserved to only be used on special occasions! We brought it out for Adri’s birthday this year and he was so excited – but I didn’t think you had really paid attention to such a minor detail. However, when I pulled the Celebrate Plate out for your lunch, you said, “YAY Cake Time!” You really amaze me with what you comprehend, Miss Claire! You always have!

This year has been a big year for you. You learned to walk, talk, sing and dance. You learned to use the potty and you’ve FINALLY started sleeping more and more! You really love to express yourself with your words and your ability to communicate is amazing! I love when you say, “YAY Bath time!!!!” and skip and hop all the way to the bathroom! It’s so precious!

Claire, one of my favorite things about you is how you love to be moving to any kind of rhythm. I remember when you were only 4 months old and I was holding you on my hip and we were out in the garage and the washing machine was on and I noticed you were kind of bouncing up and down on my hip and I was wondering what you were doing – and then the washing machine clicked to the rinse cycle and you looked over at the washer and stopped bouncing. You were DANCING to the wash cycle!! Oh it was precious. And you’ve been moving, joyfully, ever since!

You have an uncanny musicality about you, Claire, and I believe that you are going to be my singer and dancer! You love to sing, about anything and everything, all the time, anywhere. You love to listen to different songs and you have, at the age of 2, a very wide repertoire of songs you can be heard singing throughout the day.

You ADORE animals! I’ve never seen a child so excited about animals! You make me want to own one!! (Almost) You love kitties and puppies and doggies and birdies and fishies and monkeys and any kind of animal! If I’m going to be honest – I’ve always enjoyed taking the other kids to the zoo – but taking you to the zoo is just plain FUN! You also love your brothers and sisters in a way that is totally and completely SWEET! You exude sweetness, Claire!

Claire – you are a blessing to our family. You bring us all so much joy. You are a darling little girl and I’m so glad that God sent you to us.

Happy birthday, Claire. It’s been a long two years, but at the same time, I have enjoyed *almost* every moment. 🙂 Love you baby girl!