Yes. It’s been approved. It will be coming to your Pediatrician’s Office one day very soon.

It’s been cleared to be used on girls as young 9 yrs old, even though “only 250 9-year-old girls and boys received Gardasil in trials.”

They tested the vaccine on 250 children and they won FDA approval??? grrrr….. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?????

The vaccine blocks HPV which, when left untreated, can lead to cervical cancer. It’s a sexually transmitted disease. Here’s some advice to 98% of the people who die from cervical cancer: Abstinence is the only thing that offers 100% effective protection against STD’s. If you play with fire, you are eventually going to burn down the house!

I’m not saying that grown women who are at risk for HPV or people who’ve been abused, raped, etc shouldn’t have access to this drug – but I promise you AS SURE AS THE SUN HANGS IN THE SKY – in about 5 yrs (or probably sooner) the vaccine will be a routine part of your daughter’s “well child exam”.

See, it’s not really about protecting women from HPV. It’s about MONEY.

Analysts believe Gardasil sales could top $1 billion a year for Merck,
which is battling thousands of lawsuits over its withdrawn painkiller Vioxx.