A blackbird flew overhead and knocked this baby bird out of his nest. I saw it with my own eyes. It’s a baby dove. We made a subsitute nest for it and placed him back in the tree. A quick search on Google gave us basic instructions for how to return the bird to his nest. Birds do NOT abandon babies that have a human scent. Birds have a very poor sense of smell. They may abandon them for other reasons, but not because of human scent. Anyway we placed the baby back in the tree.

Royce is going to check on him tomorrow to see if he’s alive or not. I know we could have kept him and fed him and raised him as one of our own, but you know….I love animals…when they are in their natural environment. I have no desire to be responsible for a pet of any kind for any length of time during this season of my life. In a year or two – maybe – but for now we had to let nature take it’s course. We did what we could. I’m betting he didn’t make it though.

My suspicions were spot on. The poor birdie died. The girls were very sad. Hannah and I had a long discussion about how the Mommy Bird wasn’t mad at us. How we tried to help the birdie. How the Mommy Birdie was happy that the Baby Birdie was in Heaven with Jesus and singing sweet praises to Him now. Hannah wasn’t really convinced – but it seemed to sway her opinion just a little bit.