Happy 9th Birthday Adri! I can’t believe it’s been 9 yrs already. It does really fly by doesn’t it.

I know you had a great time celebrating with Ean, Hannah, Claire, Haley and Dalton. We all love you bunches and think you are a very special little boy. Except…well..you aren’t so little anymore! You are growing up!

Adri, you help me in so many ways – I can’t count them. You are very responsible and take really good care of your brothers and sisters. I love that you know when I’ve had a rough night with the girls, and am very tired in the morning, and you let me sleep in late and you fix breakfast for everyone! You don’t know what a blessing that is to me! I love the way you can get the diaper bag put together without me having to tell you everything that goes in it! That is such a help!! I love that you can operate the DVD player, TV, Computer, Camera, iPod, telephone, and cell phone. You are way more technologically advanced than I am – and I’m thankful because if Dad’s at the office, I can usually count on you to “Figure this out for me!!” I love the way you care for Hannah and Claire and are always willing to have playtime with them if I need you to help distract them while I tackle some important task.

The older you get, the more of a helper you become to me. And the more of a friend you become to me. But most importantly, the more of a man you become to God. God has a really important plan for you, Adri. I know it. I trust God and I believe that He has something AMAZING planned for your life! You are such an intelligent child and God has blessed you with such insight, I know he is has something great in your future!

Adri, I was reading Philippians and there were some verses that brought you to mind. But this one was the most obvious, “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,” (Phil. 1:3). I do thank God for you, Adri, everytime I think of you. If it wasn’t for God sending you to me, I think I would be a completely different person! YOU are the reason I am a mother! Thanks for being my child. I love you bunches and can’t wait to see what this next year bring us!