9 days late

I was expecting this to arrive about 9 days ago.
I was thinking I had failed to achieve my goals.
However I got a positive result on the anticipated outcome of an event that occured 20 days ago.
Adri broke with chicken pox tonight!!! (What?? Did you think I was going to say I was having another baby?? gotcha!!)

We are, obviously, in the 1% of cases that take more than 14 days from exposure to break out in spots. 20 days ago I hosted a chicken pox party. A little girl in our home school group had the chicken pox and we invited her over for a playdate. It was a succes!!

I feel a *little* bad that tomorrow is Adri’s 9th birthday. But I’m SO THANKFUL that we are going to get this very necessary milestone over with!

And now begins the ardurous task of oatmeal baths, calamine lotion, and benadryl. I’ll be so glad when it’s all over with and so happy that my kids will have a natural, and lifetime immunity against chicken pox. The vaccine is worthless (hardly protects anyone!) and uses tissue from aborted babies. We have issues with that. As one should!

And before you all get in a tizzy — the child that gave us chicken pox had been vaccinated against CP. Her dad’s a doctor. 🙂


  1. Congrats! I hope they all get it at once. Makes life easier. I’ll be praying for you during this time. Oh, I guess the zoo’s out for next week then!


  2. Yeah!!!! Congratulations!! Tell Adri that I think it is so cool that he is the first. Now he’ll feel all better before the rest of the bunch.


  3. Yeah, Jen – we’ll do the zoo another time after the kids are well!Thanks, Gwen, I’ll tell Adri what you said!


  4. OH, we thought we had those last week, but ended up being bad chigger bites, but I was actually hoping that is what it was, with my kids being 6,5,3, and 1, I’d like to have it done and over with now. I heard it’s going around, so I need to get out and find someone who has them to play with my kids! I had them when I was 16, and it was absolutely awful, and I’d had the vaccine! You’re sure right about those being pointless!


  5. UGH! I didn’t get this until I was pregnant with my 5th child! My #2 brought them home to me. I have NEVER been so sick in my entire life. So much so that I barely remember it. It’s so rare for an adult and even rarer for a pregnant adult that the doctors didn’t really know what the outcome would be. My kids had it so much easier. I know she doesn’t want to hear it, but tell her it’s good to get them over with. Poor thing.


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