Ean’s my tactile learner. Always carrying things in his hands, always has stuff in his pockets, always has an underwear drawer full of “collectibles” (things he finds on the road, at the park, etc). He’s my hands-on guy.

Today he decided, while he was in the bathroom, to disassemble the toilet-paper holder and pull off the shiny silver beaded ring that adorns the toilet-paper holder. I guess he thought it might make a nice ring.

He has learned, the hard way, that some things aren’t for messing around with! He got the ring stuck on his forefinger and boy, was it stuck!! First we lubed it up with olive oil, but it wouldn’t budge.

Then we soaked it in some ice cold water to try and get the swelling down. Ean had tried to pull it off on his own, and in doing so had caused the tissue above the ring to swell up. It was very painful. Claire offered some moral support. She loves to help others!!

Eventually what I had to do was push the skin under and back, instead of trying to pull the ring off. It was really painful and I felt horrible for doing that to Ean. But I think he learned a valuable lesson! But boy did he cry! And I don’t blame him, I was almost in tears too!