I am – finally a “real live grown up!”
I want – the Rapture.
I pray – that my children will see me as simply a sinner, saved by Grace.
I hate – arrogance, immaturity, bitterness, contention and “know it alls”.
I miss – feeling on fire for the Lord, as I did when I was first plucked from Hell.
I hear – literally loud thumps in the night that come out of NO WHERE!
I wonder – why God has me where He has me.
I regret – my incompetence, and not playing with my kids enough.
I am not – where God wants me.
I dance – to any and everything. Any kind of rhythym makes me move. Claire does it too.
I sing – hymns to my babies, especially when I am rocking them to sleep.
I cry – anytime I read St. Matthew’s account of Jesus’ crucifixion.
I am not always – happy.
I make – hands down the best Chicken Lime Tacos! (Is that arrogant?)
I write – like I talk…rambling all the way through everything…totally self-absorbed.
I confuse – most people because I am too complicated at times.
I need – to go to bed, but I drank too much Green Tea at Starbucks tonight.
I should – play with my children more.
I start – every morning knowing God is merciful and loving – because he gave me another morning to wake up to.
I finish – hardly anything I start.

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