We’ve been working on potty training Claire. Actually when she was 7 months old, I potty trained her – just to see if it could really be done! And guess what – at 7 months of age she would come and get me when it was time to pee or poop. I was amazed! You really could do it if you really wanted to. I didn’t really want to have a 7 month old totally potty trained…so we went back to full time diapers! When she was 18 months old I started introducing the potty again. I’d spend a few hours every day working on potty training, usually in the morning, and then put a diaper on her for naptime and that was that for the day. That seems to have worked fairly well for our busy schedule.

This week I decided that it would be great if she could make some more progress – so since we are stuck at home for the next couple of weeks (waiting for a chicken pox outbreak!) – might as well make the best of it and try and potty train some more. She’s been diaper free while at home and it has paid off! I was standing in the living room and I heard a tinkling sound and I knew that was Claire making a mess again! However, look where I found her!!!

She was really proud of herself!! Here she is laughing and dancing and saying, “Good girl, Good girl!” Too cute!!

For the record, I’ve totally given up potty training Hannah. I used to think that something I’m doing must be wrong because Hannah’s been so hard to potty train. But if her 23 month old baby sister can learn THE SAME WAY I have taught all my children to use the potty – then it’s not my fault after all! She will just have to decide one day that she doesn’t want to wear diapers anymore. I’m tired of stressing out over it. I have family members that simply can’t understand why she’s not potty trained yet and I KNOW they think it’s because I just don’t stick with it. I have taught Hannah how to use the potty. She knows exactly what to do and when. But she chooses NOT to use the toilet and there’s nothing I can do about it. We’ve done everything from positive/negative concequences, to spankings, to spraying her off with the cold water hose – she doesn’t really care!

She wants to take ballet lessons. I’ve told her that she won’t get ballet lessons until she uses the potty ALL the time. Ask her, and she’ll tell you, she has to stay dry. She’s excited about it – but not motivated b/c she still has 100 accidents every day. (Not exactly, but you know what I mean.) I really have just finally given up on potty training Hannah and have just moved on to Claire. For Hannah, it’s a control/manipulation issue. I’ll blog about that in a different post because NO ONE believes me when I say that.

Anyway, THAT is why I’m SO excited about Claire!! For 3 yrs I’ve been trying to potty train Hannah – with no success. But Claire has redeemed my confidence!! HAHAHAHA!